Blitzoo is a leading independent developer of social and mobile games, and their flagship product SlotSpot is a Facebook and mobile game, featuring one of the industry’s most expansive and elaborate assortments of interactive slot games, and is enjoyed by millions of players throughout the world.

This case study was contributed by Blitzoo tools developer and lead Flash developer Steven Stark.

Using xJSFL

How has xJSFL helped facilitate this project?

Automation scripts written in it; organize library, safe remove unused clips, audit code for usages, export localization versions

Are there any xJSFL classes or features you find yourself using a lot?

Selectors. JSON. XUL

Did you make any panels, or snippets, or do you generally just find you do a lot of live-coding?


Do you have a defined workflow that you tend to use?

Write code, test, trace locations to sniff out errors ( not using cs4 ), fix, continue writing.


How has your overall production pipeline changed since using xJSFL?

Yes, the whole studio now has it installed and I have trained them in using my custom scripts

How much time would you say that xJSFL has saved you, compared to vanilla JSFL?

50% of dev time on avg.

What's been the biggest change since moving from JSFL to xJSFL?

Using selectors and JQuery in my JSFL coding

Anything else?

Did I mention selectors?


Company name and a few words (industry, size, age, market, products, etc)

Blitzoo Games Inc. Small company making Facebook and mobile social games.

How many people in your department use JSFL, either as a developer or end-user?


Could you describe how tools are written, distributed and used within your company?

Written and tested locally, using just a basic js editor. Entire project copied to network folder, which others in the team copy to their local computer.

Note: Steven has now moved to a networked installation using the code from the Managing Code tutorial.

Do you have a method of distributing the actual code or tools that you make?

No, in-house only.


How did you discover xJSFL?


Did you find xJSFL easy to learn?


Do you write your JSFL code using Komodo and the xJSFL Extension? Or do you use something else?

No, just a standard js editor.

What's the best thing about xJSFL?

Smart, rapid production friendly code base.

Is there anything you would improve?

More selectors. (See the Custom Selectors section on the Selectors page for how to create your own selectors)

Are there any parts of xJSFL you thought you would use more, but just haven't?

Modules, animation

Do you utilise the online documentation? And if so, how?

Yes, but there could be more of it. Mostly ask for help when I need it.

Are there any tutorials you would like to see on the site?

Lots, like how to setup a core module.

  • Advanced selector usage, including custom selectors.
  • Extending the function of xJSFL.
  • Anything advanced.
Anything else!?

Great work! Love the tool, keep up the good work.

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