xJSFL presentation at Codame San Francisco


Whilst on my travels recently, I got the chance to present xJSFL in San Francisco, at the Flash on Games (or now Codame) group, at the Adobe building.

I'd literally just that morning got off a 12 hour flight from New Zealand, which had left Auckland at 3pm on Thursday, but because we crossed the date line, landed in Los Angeles at 9:30am Thursday! I then had to book into my hotel, and spend the rest of the day getting the talk together. My Thursday was effectively 48 hours!

My plan for the presentation was to:

  • present a short set of slides for the framework
  • run through a 10 minute live-coding session of the framework's features
  • demo some of the tools built for Pocket God, along with Dave Castelnuovo of Bolt

In the end, when our slot came up, most of the audience had been listening to about an hour and half's worth of other talks, and there was now only 5 minutes to fit everything in. With such tight constraints, I basically dumped all the live coding stuff, and Dave and I tag-teamed the preso in a much looser style.

It could have been a lot better, but still good to get it out there! You can see our ramblings here:


It was very nice to meet a bunch of local devs as well, and I was amazed that I didn't crash too badly with the lack of sleep.

Thanks Bruno!


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