xJSFL goes public


xJSFL (really, pre) Beta

OK, xJSFL is officially released as a not-quite Beta, with the following caveats:

  • There are still bugs
  • There is no documentation yet
  • There's a lot of TODOs in there!
  • The license is GPL (will probably BSD it for the final release)
  • Probably a few other things I'm too tired to think about right now.

Download and Installation

First of all, download or pull from GitHub:


Then, extract to a folder on your hard driveĀ  called xJSFL. It's important that the folder is called xJSFL, as the core uses that name to define the root.

Next, open that folder and double-click install.jsfl. The installer should run and you'll then need to restart flash.

Komodo Edit

Next, you'll need to download Komodo Edit, the editor of choice for JSFL.


If you're worried about picking up yet another editor, let me assure you that you will seriously grow to LOVE Komodo. It's awesome in so many ways. There's a significant snag which I aim to fit for the full release which is that JSFL auto-complete for project files doesn't work by default, but on other counts (and when this is fixed) Komodo is by FAR the best (and free!) option out there right now.

Full setup instructions will be shown just after installation.

A few words on what's coming next

Over the next few days I will be pushing some last little updates, then getting the documentation sorted.

In the meantime, look at the bottom of most of the xJSFL/core/library files. You will find a bunch of examples you can run simply by changing the if(0) lines to if(1). Between now and proper Beta release (this week) I will be converting these samples to proper files that will load in as a Snippets set (also to be completed).

One last thing

Please do join the forum. It will be THE place to get help on all things xJSFL, as well as JSFL.

That's it for now.

Enjoy the (pre) release,


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