xJSFL 1.01


Tonight I've just released the 1.01 update for xJSFL to GitHub. It comprises a bunch of new features, some updated content, and a few niggly bug fixes.

It shouldn't need a fresh install, but you may want to delete the xJSFL/core/assets/install/ folder afterwards, as it's moved one level up.


New features

New Content

  • Added Declare Library Bitmaps snippet
  • Rewrote Declare Stage Instances snippet to be pure xJSFL (went from 200 to 50 lines)
  • Updated example files

Bug fixes

  • Refactored URI.toURI() and URI.toPath() methods to properly handle absolute/relative Macintosh paths
  • Fixed bugs in Config get() (it now passes back XML with attributes as XML, but simple content as Numbers, Strings, etc)
  • Updated ItemCollection.attr() to update itself after attributes are changed
  • Fixed bug with name selector expression eating following selectors
  • Fixed various bugs in user Snippets files
  • Snippets panel now remembers open/closed states on rebuild or refresh
  • Added UTF8 BOM to all JSFL files (so Asian users, you should now be good to go!)


Installer updates

  • Moved installation files from core/assets/install to core/install/
  • Shows full paths when copying/removing files
  • Removes old commands when reinstalling
  • Added xJSFL folder check
  • Uses Utils.glob() to detect URIs


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