Module Framework


An important part of xJSFL is the creation of full-blown JSFL modules, which in this context means any or all of the following, running within a Flash Panel:

  • UI & layout components and classes
  • Loadable assets
  • JSFL (and xJSFL) script execution
  • Local read & writeable data source(s)
  • Persistent settings management
  • Additional XMLUI /Flash panel UIs
  • Template definition and population

The xJSFL Module Framework is an ActionScript3 library and framework which unites these disparate elements under one roof, and makes author-time development, and run-time testing, a breeze.


Features include:

  • A consistent application folder structure comprising:
    • Assets
    • Data
    • JSFL libraries
    • XML and SWF user interface options
  • An extremely lightweight MVC core to manage application logic, data, and UI
  • A Transport Facade to abstract away both path and class-method differences between authoring and runtime environments
  • A set of skinned components matching the Flash CS authoring environment
  • The flexibility to work within the Module Framework, or go it alone

Here's a schematic of its structure.

It is the same framework that the current Snippets Module is built on, and when xJSFL ships, I'll make sure there are some demo modules to play around with.

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