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  • DaveDave May 2011

    Hi folks,

    Sorry that the last forum had to close - it became a target for spammers, and was just too difficult to update. To become a member of this forum you'll need to apply for membership, again to stop the spam bots which seem to be prevalent.

    Anyway, once joined up, make yourselves at home here, and ask as many questions as you like. Before the framework is released, there'll just be this one "General" category, then once things are rolling I'll add some more specific categories which will hopefully generate some more interesting discussions.

    Ideally, xJSFL is going to get people interested in JSFL again, and it would be great for us JSFL users to have some kind of community. If the xJSFL forum can make inroads into that, that would be great for everyone.

    Cheers for now,

  • DaveDave May 2011

    OK, a few forum tips...

    1. Text editing

    You can use HTML in your posts. I've configured the toolbar to do the basics, which hopefully is all you'll need. Please refrain from using H tags! If you want to use headings like I've done here, stick to H5 (CTRL+5) or bold please.

    2. Code editing

    Change the formatting to Preformatted using the Format dropdown, and you can get nicely outputted code like so. You'll also notice that using the TAB key inserts real tabs, which is nice when you want to bash out a quick code sample:

    // organise library items
    [':bitmap',':graphic',':button',':movieclip'].forEach ( function(e,i) { $$(e).move('assets/' + e + 's'); } );
    3. Mentions

    If you write an @ symbol then a user's username, it creates a link to their profile: @dave.

    4. Tags

    You can also tag your posts with keywords, allowing other users to search or filter by tag.

    5. Bugs

    At the moment, there are a couple of bugs.

    • When deleting discussions, Vanilla is redirecting to the wrong page
    • If you edit a comment, then cancel out, the new comment box will mysteriously take on the just-edited text. It's some kind of draft feature, that I think still has teething problems.

    That's it for the time being!

    Enjoy the forum.


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