Latest version of xJSFL not works after install on Mac
  • andy_oneandy_one May 2013

    Hi Dave,

    I'm try use xJSFL on my Mac, but after install when I'm restart Flash xJSFL doesn't start initialization. Maybe problem with Creative Cloud version of Flash?

    This is screenshot what I captured after install. And this is install log.

    Very strange what installed commands is doesn't appears in command menu after restart.


  • andy_oneandy_one May 2013

    I think I know what problem is. Absolutly all files created as directories —

  • andy_oneandy_one May 2013

    Root of the problem. What problem in CS7 with attribute checking?

  • DaveDave May 2013

    Yup - sorry about this - this was a fix to make things work with CS7, now Adobe have fixed the bug and left my code looking buggy! I'm about to revert, so check the repo shortly!

  • DaveDave May 2013

    Are you installing master or 1.01 ?

  • andy_oneandy_one May 2013


  • DaveDave May 2013

    The changes are pushed to master now

  • andy_oneandy_one May 2013

    Many thanks. I already saw your tweet about this. I will try check it shortly.

  • andy_oneandy_one July 2013

    Hi, Dave. After latest changes xJSFL installs on Mac perfectly. But xJSFL does not work. Because same problem exists with snippets. There list of bugs what I found:

    1. Snippets panel don't ignore .DS_Store files.
    2. In snippets panel all snipets looks like folders.

    There is screenshots from Mac and Win. Both screenshots I made in latest version of Flash CC.


  • DaveDave July 2013

    Oh no! That's disappointing. OK, I'll look to get a fix for this in the next few days.

    Thanks for bringing it to my attention


  • spyspy March 2014

    Hi there, snippets panel is not working in the latest version for Mac. Snippets are shown as folder items and are not executable. 

    Also, are there any hopes to get this project supported again?

  • DaveDave March 2014

    Hey Spy, I just dropped you an email. Sorry for the delay!

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