Can't really install on CS6
  • jaimedominguezjaimedominguez February 2013

    I place my xJSFL folder in the harddrive, execute the install.jsfl file and i get this output:

               ██  █████ ██████ ██
               ██ ██     ██     ██
      ██ ██    ██  ████  █████  ██
       ███     ██     ██ ██     ██
      ██ ██ ████  █████  ██     █████
      The Rapid-Development Framework for Extending Adobe Flash

    > xjsfl: INSTALLING xJSFL... > xjsfl: loading proxy classes... > xjsfl: loading xjsfl... The following JavaScript error(s) occurred: > xjsfl: LOADING CORE CLASSES... The following JavaScript error(s) occurred:

    Thats it, nothing else. I look for the panel in CS6 after restarting, but. as expected, is not working...

    Can you help?

    I have version CS6 (12.0.2)

    Many thanks!



  • ravennousravennous February 2013
    Hi, Did you rename the folder from xJSFL-master to xJSFL?
  • DaveDave February 2013

    CS6 is such a pain to debug.

    Take a look in xJSFL/core/logs/ and see if there's any info in there.

    The second thing to do is Instead of running the top-level install file, can you run the one in xJSFL\core\install\jsfl\install.jsfl ?

    Do that, see what happens, then report back.

    If that gives silent errors as well, you may need to resort to the old "add traces to the file" approach to find out where it's failing. Crap, I know, but might be the only option.


  • LDeemenLDeemen April 2013

    I've been trying to get the library installed on CS6 and I think I found the root of the problem.

    It seems like in CS6 the fl.runScript function doesn't support the "globals hack" that worked before for including files. The runScript fails because it can't access the globals from the original file, and the globals it adds aren't available in the calling script.

    I managed to get the installation working by replacing all instances of fl.runScript with eval(

    Not sure why this behaviour has changed in CS6, or maybe it's something on my end, but this seems to resolve the issue.

  • DaveDave April 2013

    Hi Dan,

    I got your mail, so will drop you a line back and hopefully we can get to the bottom of this.

  • DaveDave April 2013

    In case anyone else has been having the same issue, it turns out Daniel was installing from the1.02 branch. I can't remember what was on that branch, if it's stable or not, but Master will always be stable, so stick to that one folks :)

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