User libraries initialization bug
  • andy_oneandy_one January 2013

    Hi Dave!

    I found bug with user libraries initialization. After Flash IDE start in output panel shows what all my libraries is loaded. But is not true. For solving this problem I must manualy execute reloading in commands panel.

    I check on Win7 and Win8 with Flash CS6, in both cases this bug apears.

    Video with bug reproduction. Test snippet code:

    (function() {
    function testIt() {


  • andy_oneandy_one January 2013

    Damn, this user libraries feature works realy very strange. Sometimes after changing code and reloading xjsfl, nothing changes in methods behaviour. It's looks like something wrong with caching.

  • DaveDave January 2013

    re: your last post, are you referring to this issue? Read the bit at the end about composed references.

    I'm just checking your other issue...

  • DaveDave January 2013

    PS. Are you developing this code outside of the panel? It's MUCH easier to develop this sort of code using Komodo and publishing. CS6 panels will gobble all errors! (My hunch is it has nothing to do with the panel)

  • DaveDave January 2013

    PPS. The only reason a self-executing function is used in Snippets is to create an inner scope, as all Snippets run in the scope of the panel. This way, potential variables don't collide.

    Again, if you test your code outside, you don't have these extra hoops to jump though.

    I think it's time I got some tutorial videos out. Just need to find the time!

  • andy_oneandy_one January 2013
    Dave said: re: your last post, are you referring to this issue? Read the bit at the end about composed references.

    I missed this documentation, and I thought that it is possible to do it easier. Thanks a lot.

    Dave said: Are you developing this code outside of the panel?

    Yes, you are right. I write all code in Sublime Edit 2, because all my snippets it's pretty simple. I try Komodo in the nearest time.

  • andy_oneandy_one January 2013

    All what I described in first post - it's only my mistake. I forgot register object. Sorry to waste your time.

  • andy_oneandy_one January 2013

    One more question. How I can buy pro extenssion for Komodo?

  • DaveDave January 2013

    I think I'll have to perhaps move that caching issue to the Environment section, link to it from the core documentation, and possibly put a reference into the debugging section as well. Sorry - there are a lot of docs!

    The Pro extensins are still in development I'm afraid. After I finished the framework last year I needed to get on with paying work, so that side of things has slipped.

    Hopefully I can pick up on this again in the next couple of months and get something out :)

    Glad you got your issue fixed.

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