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  • NardoNardo November 2012


    I'm trying to parse some .xml to extract datas, so  I tried you're xml-testing.jsfl and xml.jsfl, in Codes Examples.
    And read you're support about xml.
    If I try this (xmlTest.jsfl) :

    var xml = <xml> <a id='a' vowel="true"/> <b id='b'/> <c id='c' class="test" /> <d id='d' class="test"> <e id='e' vowel="true"> <f id='f' class="test" /> </e> </d> </xml>
    var nodes = xml.find('a');
    trace("nodes :  " + nodes);

    trace >>

    nodes : undefined

     If I try 

     xml.remove('.test', true);


    trace >>

    XML > processing path ".test": Object (depth:4, objects:0, values:7, time:0.0 seconds)
    object => Object
    match: ".test"
    operator: "."
    node: "test"
    index: ""
    filter: ""
    attribute: ""
    matchIndex: 0
      <a id="a" vowel="true"/>
      <b id="b"/>
      <c id="c" class="test"/>
      <d id="d" class="test">
        <e id="e" vowel="true">
          <f id="f" class="test"/>


    I suppose I use a wrong method to access to nodes (?)
    Thank's for this great framework. 

  • DaveDave November 2012

    Hey Nardo,

    Halfway through a system reinstall at the moment, but I'll come back to this once I'm up and running again


  • NardoNardo November 2012

    Yop, no problemo, forget to say, I work on CS4 / both on windo (at work) and mac ( at home)


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