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  • sstarksstark September 2012


    I couldn't get the selector $$ to work with library fonts, I had to instead iterate through the entire library and look for all instances that are fonts.

    I feel like I am doing this the hard way, or I am missing something?



    but instead, need to use:

    var libraryItems = dom.library.items;
    var i = libraryItems.length;
    while (i--) {
    var item = libraryItems[i];
    if (item.itemType == "font") {


  • DaveDave September 2012

    Sorry for the delay in replying... the forum's been a bit quiet for a bit!



    That's a pseudo (filter) class, just like CSS. In this case, looking for an item, the type of which, is "font".

    You could also pick ":movieclip", ":graphic", etc. as well as the other pseudo properties like ":last", ":random", or ":children".

    Back to your syntax, as you've just done this...


    ...xJSFL would look for any items named "fonts", so "assets/fonts" or such like, would be found.

    There's a handy table here with the all the syntaxes:


  • sstarksstark September 2012

    I tried a few things but it didn't work, I'll try your suggestions and let you know. thanks!

  • DaveDave September 2012

    Any reason it wasn't clear in the first place? Are the docs not up to scratch?

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