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  • heybenheyben August 2012

    What's the minimum I need to do to get a module showing in Window->Other Panels? I copied Modules/Sample Module and changed the name and the panel values in manifest.xml. The log showed it initialising but nothing appeared in the menu to enable to panel.


  • DaveDave August 2012

    Hey Ben,

    You need to update the values in the JSFL and AS3 files as well, republish the SWF to Flash's WindowSWF folder.

    I actually badly need to finish documenting modules! in the meantime, this help page gives a good overview:

    It pays to read, rather than skim it. Sorry it's so thorough... some things have to be :)

    Any more questions, feel free to shout


  • DaveDave August 2012

    One more tip when developing a module: map a shortcut key to the panel so you can close/open it immediately after publishing.

    I tend to use CTRL+`, or if I have a bunch of panels, CTRL+Numpad <number>

  • ArandaAranda October 2012

    Hi Dave,

    I finally got around to trying out the module feature and have run into an issue. If I open xJSFL\modules\Sample Module\assets\source\sample module.fla and try to publish it, I get:


    C:\dev\xJSFL\modules\Sample Module\assets\source\classes\, Line 16 1017: The definition of base class AbstractModule was not found.

    I'm sure it's probably a simple fix, but since I'm really not much chop with AS3 code, I don't know how where to start. Any help much appreciated!




  • ArandaAranda October 2012

    Ok, I just noticed that the module publishes anyway, but the buttons flicker like crazy.

    Interestingly my own module (created by copying the Sample Module and editing all references to "Sample") appears to work despite the errors. Perhaps they were spurious.

    I'm using CS5.5 and xJSFL GitHub head. Speaking of CS5.5, do you know if Adobe has fixed that annoying jsfl bug (incorrect reporting of syntax errors) in CS6?



  • ArandaAranda October 2012

    Hmmm looks like I was wrong about it working. My module's panel is flickering too now. I had named the SWF differently to the manifest's expected SWF name, so it was still showing the Sample swf included with JSFL. Any thoughts on why it might flicker like that?

  • ArandaAranda October 2012

    After some more investigation, apparently SWFs flicker like this when the AS3 code does not compile, so it would seem that the root of the problem is indeed the error:

    The definition of base class AbstractModule was not found.

    So, why would CS5.5 fail to find the class when it does import it: "import com.xjsfl.jsfl.modules.AbstractModule;"

  • ArandaAranda October 2012

    Well sure enough it was pretty obvious to fix in the end. I just had to add the \xJSFL\core\as3\lib\ folder to the Source Paths in Actionscript Setting. I guess the xJSFL installer doesn't do that step for us?

  • DaveDave October 2012

    Hey up,

    Yep - you got it! You need to add the classes to the base path. I'm well overdue to write a modules tutorial, so I should really put that in.

    I'm beta testing the new CS7, and the team reckon they're going to fix up all the JSFL issues... including the empty error messages. I've given them the list of all the JSFL bugs there are and I'm pushing or everything to get covered, but they have a huge task as they're rewriting Flash from scratch as a 64-bit application, and everybody wants their input!

    I think the way the industry, and Flash is going, they realise that JSFL and extensibility is going be critical for Flash over the next few years. Even Grant Skinner chimed in to say the same thing!

    Do keep asking if you have more module-related questions.


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