Reloading Flash while developing a panel
  • ThaNarieThaNarie July 2012


    I'm developing a panel, and while there is a nice snippet for uploading the swf to the WindowSWF folder, it seems I have to restart Flash every time I have changed my JSFL module code. The 'Reload xJSFL' doesn't work either.

    I've tested it with altering traces, and the changes only show up after I've restarted Flash.

    Is this normal behavior? Can there be done anything to make this process easier?

  • DaveDave July 2012

    Great question.

    Reload xJSFL only reloads the framework, including any library classes you have in your user folder.

    For panel code however, you need to reload the panel itself (I should put this in the docs).

    What I do is to map a keyboard shortcut (I use CTRL+ a number pad number, or CTRL+`) to the panel in question (Windows > Other Windows > Your Panel), then you can fire it twice to close the panel then reopen it, and your swf / code updates will be reloaded.

    Regarding uploading the SWF to the WindowSWF folder, I just publish directly to Flash's WindowSWF folder (at least during development) that way you don't need to run the snippet to sync the two folders.


    1. Publish directly to Flash/configuration/WindowSWF/
    2. Use a shortcut key to close and reopen the panel each time you make a JSFL change or republish your panel

    That should radically speed up your development :)


  • ThaNarieThaNarie July 2012

    That seems to work nice, thanks!

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