How are you using the framework?
  • DaveDave June 2012

    So the framework finally has its 1.0 release, which is great!

    The code is pretty much complete, and the documentation mainly finished. Now I'm moving my efforts into promoting xJSFL and fine-tuning it for the people using it.

    So, the next thing I need to know is "how are people using the framework?". I'm interested whether you're...

    • using it just to test out JSFL
    • making small tools to enhance your workflow
    • producing JSFL tools to sell
    • automating your studio production pipeline
    • working in the games industry

    ...or anything else really.

    I've just started a Case Study section, and I'd like to fill it up, so if you can take a look at this blog post, there's more information and a Word document to download with some starter questions.

    Thanks for reading,

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