HEAD revision is not installing
  • sstarksstark March 2012



    I know the current beta is nearing completion, and everything's being moved around on a daily basis.


    I'm wanting to start this thread so that when xJSFL is cleanly installing again, we can all know about it.


    Today, I tried the newest head revision ( ff1fda3 ), and it does install... however the snippets panel is completely blank, does not even have the 'refresh' buttons at the bottom.


    To get my code working with snippets, I have to do the following:


    Checkout revision 1085786, install from this point, restart flash, see a working snippets panel, then checkout master, reload xJSFL in the snipets and it works.... up until I need to restart flash, then it all breaks again. Rinse and repeat.


    Just thought I'd end this post by saying how much I appreciate this framework, it is a real time saver.

  • DaveDave March 2012

    Hey Steven

    Thanks for the post.

    Yeah, it is all moving around as you say! And I should be developing in branches... but... Anyway.

    So - the bugs, although they feel big, are actually all just teething problems. I'm on the case right now getting them fixed, and will be doing a push in the next few hours / day or so. Hang tight, and hopefully the end of the weekend at the latest, a robust (non-announced) Beta 2 should be up there.

    Then, next week is docs, and by the end of next week will be the Official Beta 2 Accouncement :)

    After that, I'll be looking at fixes and omissions plus general usability of existing code, before announcing a full 1.0 release within a few weeks to a month.


  • sstarksstark March 2012



    you have me on the edge of my seat with anticipation. Can hardly wait! :)





  • sstarksstark March 2012

    It's installing now! thank you so much.


  • DaveDave March 2012

    Sweet! I still get errors on my mac the first time, but I think it might just be a reinstallation issue.

    Nearly done...

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