No file loaded after installation
  • jayatubijayatubi February 2012


               ██  █████ ██████ ██
               ██ ██     ██     ██
      ██ ██    ██  ████  █████  ██
       ███     ██     ██ ██     ██
      ██ ██ ████  █████  ██     █████


      The Rapid-Development Framework for Extending Adobe Flash

      @see licence at

    > xjsfl: install path: "C:/xJSFL/"
    > xjsfl: ready!


    I got this output just after I run the "install.jsfl". It seems no xjsfl script has been loaded and when I try to execute code such as "xjsfl.init()" I got an error: xjsfl.init is not a function.

    I'm using Flash CS5 with Simplified Chinese environment. How can I fix this?

  • jayatubijayatubi February 2012

    Fixed: To resave all the jsfl files into UTF8 with BOM format.  The reason is the square character you put in the comments would cause the code to be invalidate and Flash would not to execute the code inside it.

  • DaveDave February 2012

    Sorry about that. This issue came up before and I thought all the files were UTF 8 now. I'll double-check before the next release!

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention :)

  • DaveDave February 2012

    Are you saying that the files must use a BOM to load correctly?

    The files here are UTF-8, but with no BOM.

  • jayatubijayatubi May 2012

    What I've got from the downloaded package, some of the files were saved with BOM but the others were not.

    I tried many times and I found the .js file in UTF8 without BOM can't work in Flash on my PC.

  • DaveDave May 2012

    Hi Jayatubi,

    Thanks for reporting this. So you're saying that UTF files SHOULD have a BOM, right?

    Let me know and I'll get onto that.



  • jayatubijayatubi July 2012

    Hi Dave,

    The truth is I have to re-save all .js file with BOM. Maybe the reason is I'm using a Chinese version of both Windows & Flash IDE.

    So to make the package more compatible globally I think it won't be bad to make all the files have the BOM.


  • DaveDave July 2012

    Hi again Jayatubi.

    The latest 1.01 release should have all files saved as UTF8+BOM


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