Snippets panel not loading/working
  • ThaNarieThaNarie February 2012


    I've downloaded and installed xJSFL, but it looks like the snippets panel isn't working.
    It's just an empty grey swf. And when I right-click and select 'Reload xJSFL' I get:

    > xjsfl: File debugging is: off
    > xjsfl: install path: "C:/_projects/_libraries/x_jsfl_stuff/_download/xJSFL/"
    The following JavaScript error(s) occurred:

    > xjsfl: ready!

    When I run a empty jsfl file with 'xjsfl.reload();' it works fine.

    I looked in the bootstrap file and found out that 'xjsfl.trace('loading xJSFL...', true);' gives the error (xjsfl.trace is undefined).
    In the 'xjsfl.initVars' function, "typeof scope.$dom" is an object, and when I set that 'if' to 'true', the reload from the panel works, but still isn't showing anything.

    Running a snippet from Komodo (with xjsfl.init(this) enabled) seems to be working OK.

    Any clue? :)

  • DaveDave February 2012

    Hey there...

    Sorry, I'm in the final stages of getting the final Beta out, and there's been a bunch of changes that I've uploaded but haven't tested. Bad Dave!

    You could try downloading this commit of the framework. This is the latest after I announced the Beta:

    Anyway, sorry you've been mucked about. Lots of changes going up in the next 48 hours hopefully, and if everything goes to plan, this will be a FINAL Beta, before a release in the next week or so.



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