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  • DaveDave July 2011

    Right now, the xJSFL / Komodo setup is not firing on all cylinders. This is for a few reasons:

    1. The JSFL language definitions are not yet complete
    2. Komodo does take a little bit of setting up

    It would be REALLY helpful if you're having issues with Komodo, or you just think that something should be better, if you could post here. This will allow me to compile a master list of issues I need to look at for the final release. It doesn't matter if it's small, just let me know.



  • RytisRytis November 2011

    Hi Dave,

    I have tried to install xJSFL extension on Komodo Edit, version 6.1.2, build 8334, platform win32-x86. Built on Wed Jul 06 15:33:02 2011.

    I installed those two extension found in xJSFL\core\install\Komodo folder. What I got only .jsfl templates. But there is no xJSFL tab in preferences. Also JSFL is not added as language. Could it hapen that those two extension are conflicting.

    Extension was downloaded from this commit: b295866


  • RytisRytis November 2011

    And another problem: when I try to run any snippet from xJSFL panel in Flash CCS5.5 I get such output:

    > xjsfl: loading "xJSFL/core/assets/templates/xul/dialog.xul"
    > xjsfl: loading "xJSFL/core/assets/templates/xul/controls.xul"
    The following JavaScript error(s) occurred: 

    And no more info provided.

  • DaveDave November 2011

    Hey Rytis,

    Ok- two problems here:

    1. The committed xJSFL extension is only half-complete, although the one I have here is actually ready
    2. I've managed to work a bug into the Snippets panel, then committed, and I've not had the time to fix it

    For both these problems, I just need to get the time to fix these issues and get them out! I'll try to do that in the next few hours, but it may not be till tomorrow now.

  • caragonescaragones November 2011

    Same here :(

    I will wait your update

  • DaveDave November 2011

    OK, Snippets should be good to go now. If I get the chance tonight I'll update the extension as well.

    By the way - I updated the Komodo installation page:

    xJSFL now uses Komodo 7 IDE Beta as its editor.


  • caragonescaragones November 2011

    Ok, then I will upgrade my Komodo version. Thanks!

  • DaveDave November 2011

    OK, I've updated the extension to the Komodo 7 version. It's pretty slick!

    If you can all do me a favour, when you install it and test it, let me know how you get on.

    For your reference, Komodo will only auto-complete your own JSFL classes if you create a new JSFL project, and edit the files within that project whilst the project is open. If you close the project, you will only get autocomplete by adding the project to the global path in the xJSFL settings.


  • wrobel221wrobel221 November 2011

    Hi Dave,

    I just tried to install the latets version of Komodo extension and Komodo says it's incompatible with current version.

    I'm using Komodo 7 beta1


  • wrobel221wrobel221 November 2011

    Now I've managed to install the extension in both versions (6.13 and 7-beta1) on Windows.


    • Can't see anything changed
    • no JSFL in API catalogs - Code Intelligence
    • no JSFL language in settings
    • no xJSFL section either


    • Got JSFL in API catalogs - Code Intelligence
    • Got xJSFL section in settings
    • No JSFL language to choose e.g. Language Help

    So nothing works for me in v7 beta1. In 6.1.3 I can't use the language because it can't be identified as JSFL language.


  • DaveDave November 2011

    Hey Mike,

    OK, Komodo Edit 6.1 is no longer supported. The new extension is for Komodo IDE 7 and is not compatible with the old version. If you want to do a screenshare over skype that might be the easiest thing. dave at I'm on now.

    Thanks for all your xJSFL RTs by the way!

  • DaveDave November 2011

    Just an update for everyone - Mike and I worked on this together, and although the extension works on both my machines, and appears to install successfully on Mike's it didn't actually work.

    Right now, I have no idea why this is!

    I will let you know when I know.

  • DaveDave December 2011

    Just to let everyone know that the extension is now complete and should work with the latest Komodo IDE 7 Beta.
    The extension is available by pulling from the repo, or by direct download here:
    Information about the extension is here:

    Download the Komodo 7 IDE Beta here:

  • arexsvnarexsvn December 2011

    The komodo 7 beta is no longer is now rc1.  Unfortunately it seems they've made changes which break your extension.  Keyboard extensions do not work.

    Also, I am not able to create a new xjfl project in komodo either....might be related to the above issue.

  • arexsvnarexsvn December 2011

    edit : specifically, the xjsfl keyboard shortcuts from komodo do not run the code in flash when I press 'ctrl-enter'.

  • DaveDave December 2011

    OK, I'll check that out in the next couple of days

  • DaveDave December 2011

    Ok, these problems should now be solved - at least it all works fine on my setup.

    Download both the xJSFL and AutoCode extensions from GitHub:

  • HughCHughC May 2012

    Hi Dave,

    I've never got the debug command shortcut working - everytime I invoke it from the keyboard I get prompted for the location of my xJSFL folder, which I've already set...

    ctrl-enter was working to run the current script, but not anymore. I'll re-read the setup instructions to look at that, as it works on on of my machines, not the other, but debig has always behaved the same. I was inspired to speak up by someon else's comment in another thread that it was a cool feature, which reminded me that I'd never got it working ;-)

    I'm using 7.02 under Win7.

  • DaveDave May 2012

    Hi Hugh,

    That's strange, but actually the extension is about to get an update anyway, along with the 1.0 release of the framework.

    The debug-from-Komodo functionality has undergone a significant rewrite. The old debugging was actually a bit of a cheat, using eval(). Unfortunately, the new file-finding / loading mechanism which now respects relative paths (making life MUCH easier) doesn't work using eval(), so that (old) debugging mechanism is now no more.

    The new debugging mechanism comes with a debug panel in Komodo, so you can jump directly to the offending lines. Building the Komodo extensions ended up being way, way more work than I ever thought it would be, so there are now going to be 2 extensions: a free one, with just basic publishing, and a pro (paid) one with debugging functionality, along with a bunch of other tools, and code templates, to make JSFL coding more productive.

    I'm back on development & docs this week after a fairly long break attending to client work, so watch this space.



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