xJSFL Modules are managed collections of code, config, asset and user-interface files which are stored together within their own folder structure as a single, self-contained unit, normally accessed by a custom Flash panel in the main Flash UI:

xJSFL's own Snippets Panel is in fact a module:

The Flash Panel is programmed in ActionScript 3 and is published as a normal .swf file, and copied to the Flash WindowSWF folder when Flash loads.

Together with the functionality that the JSFL part of the module provides, it:

  • loads icon assets
  • loads XML configuration data
  • tells JSFL to runs JSFL scripts
  • tells JSFL to opens additional UI panels

Note that xJSFL modules promote full separation of AS3 and JSFL code, and both AS3 and JSFL module code extend base classes which provide base functionality including bidirectional AS3 / JSFL communication as standard.



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