Coherent Architecture


The xJSFL API has been designed around the concept of Collections, Libraries and Modules, with an elegant but powerful core, as well as shortcut code to common xJSFL operations.

Features include:

  • an elegant but powerful core
  • a power-packed and extensible set of Collection classes and libraries
  • abstraction of common workflows and functionality into simple plugin methods
  • related JSFL, XML and AS resources packaged as named modules
  • UI templating, loading, creation and population

This sits on top of a powerful file and asset management system comprising:

  • reusable components such as collections, libraries, and modules
  • a structured, cascading file system
  • automatic retrieval and loading of resources
  • an anatomy for modules comprising code, ui, resources and settings

The result is better-managed code, lightening-quick development, and an overall more enjoyable development experience.


Framework basics


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