Writing an xJSFL script

Basic overview of writing an xJSFL script, including initializing the framework, using some basic xJSFL properties, inspecting built-in objects, and saving results to a file.

Snippets basics

Basic overview on the Snippets panel, what Snippets are, and the difference between the Snippets panel and the Commands menu.

Writing an xJSFL Snippet

Step-by-step walk-through of creating a working Snippet, using xJSFL libraries, creating an interface, and adding checks for a user selection.

Package your Snippet

The basics of packaging a script (tooltip and icon) for use as a Snippet

Module basics

A Module in xJSFL terms describes two things simultaneously: A related collection of files under a xJSFL/modules/ subfolder (content) A Flash Panel and its AS3:JSFL communication (functionality) What makes JSFL modules different from your garden-variety Flash panel is: Base Module classes (both JSFL and AS3) provide a platform from which to work from Modules have [...]

Module good-practices

Next Steps Common workflows

Moving around Flash

Examples of basic functions, libraries and classes you’ll use to navigate the Flash environment

Working with Elements

Examples of selecting and manipulating stage elements using the Element Selector function, ElementCollections, and the Context and Iterators classes.

Working with Items

Examples of managing, manipulating and organising the Library and its items using the Item Selector function and ItemCollections