xJSFL overview

An overview of xJSFL, including the major framework components, and examples of the sort of code you will write to use the framework

xJSFL environment

Background on how xJSFL loads and functions, including details on JSFL scope and initialization

xJSFL folder structure

Detailed information on the folder structure and workings of the framework regarding file-loading, settings, and file management

File handling

File loading, automatic finding framework files, URI juggling, and an introduction to the File and Folder classes

Core functionality

A brief introduction to some of the core methods and global functions you’ll work with to get your xJSFL development off to a good start

Moving around Flash

An introduction to navigating the Flash IDE using Context, and traversing items, layers, frames and elements using Iterators

Introduction to Collections

An introduction to Collections, what they are, why they’re useful, and how they work

Introduction to Selectors

An introduction to xJSFL’s Element Selector functions, and how to modifying elements en-mass using ElementCollections

Inspection classes and methods

A basic roundup of the classes and methods you’ll want to use to inspect your code, whilst in the development process

Handling errors

Techniques and methods to use to help track down errors