Global functions and variables

The global properties and functions available to you after initializing the environment.

xjsfl (library)

The core class of the whole framework, defining multiple objects and methods that you can use in your day-to-day JSFL code

Element Selector ($) (function)

CSS-style selection of stage elements

Item Selector ($$) (function)

CSS-style selection of Library items


CSS-style expressions used by xJSFL Selector functions to filter or match elements

Collection (class)

Powerful Array-like classes for manipulating authoring-time elements

ElementCollection (class)

A powerful Array-like class for manipulating stage elements

ItemCollection (class)

A powerful Array-like class for manipulating library items

File and Folder (classes)

Object-oriented file system classes

FLfile (library)

Adds FLfile platform-to-URI conversion compatibility for pre-CS4 versions of Flash