AS3 JSFL Lib complete


The AS3 JSFL Library is complete! This allows for simple, straightforward communication with JSFL from a Flash panel.

Methods are optimised to:

  • Operate by default within the fl.config folder so short paths can be passed in
  • Serialize and deserialize native AS3 / JavaScript objects using the library from Exanimo
  • Log actions in the background, including error and success messages, execution times and durations
  • Output internal debugging information and formatted logs


The logging and debugging is especially helpful in keeping in touch with what's actually happening beneath the hood. Here's some test log information:

JSFL Message Log
00:00:077 > File "xJSFL/core/assets/icons/icons.xml" was read in 58ms
00:00:077 > The XML is 77520 characters...
00:03:146 > File "xJSFL/modules/snippets/lib/test.jsfl" ran in 2ms
00:03:147 > Function "testFunction" executed in 0ms

You can also inspect returned data, which will have been automatically deserialized into their appropriate ActionScript datatypes:

Call result
Array =>
    0: "hello"
    1: true
    2: 1
    3: "Dave"
    [4] => Array
        0: "name"
        1: 1
        2: 5
    [5] => Object
        name: "Joe Bloggs"
        age: 99


The full API is as follows, with a single class for JSFL operations, and a supporting class for logging.



A Boolean indicating if the currect environment is an SWFPanel, and can therefore run MMExecute() commands


Run a JSFL file (and optionally a function) and return the serialized results


Call a loaded  JSFL function and return the serialized results


Executes arbitrary JSFL by wrapping the code in a function and, optionally returning the serialized results


Reads a file from the local filesystem and returns the results


Writes data to a file on the local filesystem


A utility method to create valid JSFL code by injecting values into a template


Traces content to the Output Panel in both an SWFPanel and the Flash IDE


Clears the output panel in both an SWFPanel and the Flash IDE



Log an action to the internal log at the time it happened


Output an object in hierarchical format


Prints a value to the listener in a formatted fashion


Print the entire contents of the log to the output panel in a formatted fashion


Clear the log and reset the timer

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